Home Overhaul-Preparing for Baby #2

It’s been quite a while since I posted here. I’d like to say I’ve been on a two month vacation, traveling Europe and sipping wine on verandas around the world. In reality, I’ve been immersed in a total and complete overhaul of almost every room in our house. The tiny human keeping me up all night practicing karate in my belly is to blame for the massive project, and with his arrival scheduled to take place sometime in the next six weeks, the pressure is on.

This pregnancy was by no means a surprise. We had decided to try for our second child but had drastically overestimated how long it would take to succeed. After a celebratory high five and a few weeks of the reality sinking in, we found ourselves wondering where we were going to put another little person and all the little person things that are required.

Our extra room was being used as my office and a guest room, so I decided to move my office into the breakfast nook in the kitchen since we didn’t use that space for anything other than a landing pad for coats, mail and other random items. We also figured we can keep a twin bed in the nursery to act as a guest bed for a while since little guy will be sleeping in our room in a bassinet the first few months. Once we settled on this plan, I assumed the hard part was over.

Then I started actually doing the work. I looked around the extra room, paying close attention to what was in drawers, the closet, under the bed. What I found when I did this shocked me so much I ended up doing it in every room in our house. When I discovered that we had boxes in closets that were still full and unopened from our move over three years ago, I was baffled. We had an entire half a closet filled with stuff we hadn’t looked at, thought about or needed in over three years! The task ahead of me started to really crystalize.

I spent the next three weeks purging. I purged, then I took a day off and purged the same space all over again. My initial reaction when I first set out was to think we needed more space. This isn’t completely untrue. When we bought this house we were pregnant with our first child. She’s now almost 3 1/2 with a room full of toys. As we look to welcome another newborn, it’s safe to say this was a great starter home. But in the next couple of years, a bigger place will be required.

For now, this is where we live. So I realized that my task was to make our “stuff” fit into the space we have. I sorted through ALL my daughter’s baby clothes, beginning with newborn and ending with the 3T clothes she just outgrew. I purged my clothes (twice) and had my husband do the same. We bagged up loads of clothes for donation, some so heavy I could barely lift the bags. I purged our hall closet, bagging up bedding that doesn’t even fit any of our beds we currently own. Wedding gifts we registered for (ten years ago) and used once (maybe). I ended up with almost twenty bags of donation items for the front porch the morning of our pick up. 

It felt so good to pass on all of our lightly used items knowing someone else would benefit. It also felt good to lighten the load in our house. The work wasn’t over. Not even close. I continued purging and did another donation delivery to Goodwill, passed on items to friends and family who needed them and trashed pounds and pounds of old papers, broken electronics and clothes too worn out to save.

The major projects have wrapped, but I realized that the work of purging and lightening is never over. It has to be a continuous effort to avoid having a three week ordeal on your hands. In the coming days and weeks I’ll be doing additional posts about that very topic. I’ll discuss how to approach an overwhelming home project, tips for doing maintenance work year round and even ideas on maternity photo shoots (inspired by our 50 degree beach shoot we did this past weekend).

For now, this is my post to say hello and to wish you all a happy 2019. I’m excited to be back at my site and to create some content to help everyone get their new year off to a successful start. Ours has been incredibly productive so far. Nothing like a new human joining the family to inspire, motivate and terrify you into a whirlwind of action. Cheers!

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