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First of all, I'm so excited to finally have my blog up and running! It took a long time for me to see this through. I knew for a while that I wanted a platform for sharing all the things that inspire me, make me laugh, make me think...but I also knew that starting a blog is a very big task. As I read about all the nuts and bolts of blogging, especially the tech stuff, I was intimidated.

I finally decided to stop reading and start building. Sometimes we just need to learn as we go. So here we are! You'll find that my blog posts are pretty representative of my personality. I find so many different things inspiring and motivating. My life tends to resemble a Lay's Multipack. I'm a wife and mother, but I'm also an independent musician, a fitness coach and beauty distributor. These roles are all connected. One sort of led to the next.

Long before I even considered getting married or having children I knew that, when the day came, I wanted to be able to raise my babies at home while also contributing to my family's income. I didn't really have a plan for this, but I just knew that was my ultimate goal. I married my college sweetheart and worked in social services for almost ten years. When the program I was overseeing ended in 2013, I was at a crossroads. My husband and I were planning to start a family and I was looking for a more flexible career.

My younger sister had started her own music business doing solo acoustic shows in our area of Jacksonville, FL. I had played viola in orchestra from elementary through high school but hadn't played much at all in the eleven years since my graduation. After much encouragement from our mom (and wine), I tried playing along to a song my sister had put together. We instantly fell in love with the sound. Over the next few years I revisited this passion for music, regaining my comfort with the instrument. We became The Crazy Daysies and found ourselves booked solid thanks to my sister's business mind, our unique sound and well-practiced sets.

Five years later, I'm realizing my dream I had before I ever knew how I'd achieve it. That being said, potty training and blowing little noses don't always line up with what some people imagine as the life of a musician. Some performers have a drink and chat on breaks between sets. I do that too, but I have to change the occasional diaper or make my bedtime video call home to say goodnight before my husband puts our daughter to bed.

Performing after pregnancy proved physically taxing and I knew I needed to get myself back in shape. That's when I found an at-home workout and nutrition program that was perfect for a busy full-time parent who works some late nights. Within weeks of starting the program I lost 15 pounds, got off my heartburn medication I'd been taking for years and finally felt like myself again. I became so passionate about the program I became a coach. I have been able to help other friends and family feel better and reach goals, and that has been one of the most inspiring experiences of my life.

My roles are at odds with each other some days. Nothing kills a creative songwriting session like barking dogs, screaming toddlers and an oven timer beeping at you because dinner needs to be taken out. But these are the things that funny stories are made of, and if there's one thing I truly love, it's laughing.

So that's how I got here. A few more (uncomplicated) things about me are:

-I LOVE food. I plan my next meal as I'm eating. I love cooking, going out, anything to do with food. This fact is also a big reason for my commitment to those at-home workouts. If I have to work my booty off for 30 minutes so that I can enjoy my meals, I'll do it.

-I love to travel. I love road trips, flying, cruising. Whatever takes me to a new place. Especially if that place has warm sandy beaches. Or mountains with wineries and vineyards every few miles. This fact makes me sound spontaneous. I'm not spontaneous about traveling. I'm spontaneous about going to lunch, having a glass of wine or a beer, cleaning out the Tupperware cabinet...but not traveling.

-I love sports. I get so excited when football season starts each year. It's one of my favorite times. I love watching games, tailgating, eating the food (there's the food thing again).

-I'm a very social creature. I have to force myself to take down time. I love to plan events, be with people and share experiences. But between a busy social calendar and weekly performances, my brain gets wonky and I have to commit to a day or two of resetting. I didn't learn to do this until my mid-30s.

I'm so happy you're visiting me here. If I inspire you in any way, give you something helpful you can use in your day-to-day life, or just make you laugh, then I'm fulfilled. I hope you'll come back regularly to join me on my ride!


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The Crazy Daysies

Our group, started in 2013, performs both locally and regionally for all types of events, from bar happy hours to corporate functions. When we aren't performing, we are working on songwriting, rehearsing, marketing and booking. The Crazy Daysies have performed for the VIP lounge at Tim McGraw's show in West Palm Beach, FL, Jacksonville Beach's legendary Freebird Café, and countless other events throughout the southeast.