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Get Inspired

From practical recipes and workouts to beautiful destinations and life experiences, a one-stop shop for inspiration and ideas.

My Story

As a full time mother and independent musician, no two days are alike. From changing diapers between sets at gigs to fitting in workouts and meal planning, life can get a little crazy. Sometimes it takes more than coffee to get inspired to take on the world. Jen Inspired Living grew from my desire to share the inspiration with others...and a few good laughs along the way.

Behind the Inspiration

Most people have something important driving them to work harder and strive for more. For me, my family is that motivator. I want to feel my best, find success and maintain an efficient home so that my family and I can enjoy life to the fullest. Finding inspiration is crucial to maintaining that drive. What motivates you?

From pretty pineapples to success stories, anything can be a source of inspiration.

Life moments are far more enjoyable when we feel well. Health and happiness go hand in hand!

Life isn't about deprivation. It's about indulging in the things we love in moderation! Why work hard if you don't allow yourself to enjoy the fruits of your labor?